The Apocryphal Reach is a combination of two concepts developed by myself. Although easy to grasp, this project assumes the reader already has basic mentalism knowledge, so it's not meant for beginners.

It's about mental effects with playing cards, being more suitable for parlor/stage (25 people or more).


All effects in this project have this criteria:

1- The deck is shuffled by the audience before the effect starts

2- No deck switch

3- The deck starts and ends 100% normal and unaltered (no marks, crimps, etc)

4- No memory work

5- No external help (no stooges, confederates, etc)



Subliminal Lottery - A deck is shuffled by audience. Participants form random numbers to be added. Not only that sum is predicted but also it carries a hidden message.

Sneak Rogue - A deck is shuffled by audience. Participants secretly select a card while the performer looks away. The selected cards are mixed by someone else. The performer divines precisely which card belongs to whom, ending with a final card divination.

Card Memory Test - A deck is shuffled by audience. Participants takes random portions of cards. In a few seconds, the performer is able to memorize with precision all cards selected from all participants (no memory work whatsoever).

Invincible Princess - Deck is shuffled by audience. The audience distribute several cards among themselves (up to the entire deck) while the performer looks away. Cards may be recollected and shuffled by someone while the performer remains looking away. The performer then is able to divine precisely who selected each card with 100% precision. Cards don't have to be physically selected, they can be merely thought of. Several variations are possible.

Readings - Part of my personal reading system.


Essay: Cards in mentalism


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Some reader's comments:


"I really enjoyed the read! Max has pushed some less known and seldom used principles a huge step forward. Usable ideas and excellent brain food." - Jan Forster


"I've always loved 'The Almost Real Prediction' and I love what Max has created! These are well thought out concepts that create a flexible system that can be applied in many practical and extremely deceptive ways. These are ideas that you will use." - Marc Paul


"I was honored with a copy of Max Hazy's Volume One of his Arcane Grimoires, APOCRYPHAL REACH. When I first received it I have to say I had my reserves, as I always get suspicious when I read such... sexy names on a new release. But knowing Max's approach to mentalism and his ability to think out-of-the-box I was certain this was worth studying. I'm glad I did.

Before we begin let me point out that cards in mentalism is NOT my thing. I do not claim anything, it's just a matter of taste and opinion, as in my mind they're too closely associated with sleight-of-hand. But that's me, and despite this little conflict in my head I do use cards when I feel the effect clearly belongs to the realm of mentalism. That said, what do you get with Max's release?

First and foremost: you get the ARC, which is a system that can be used in so many ways I felt Max only scratched the surface. It's EASY, enabling you to perform effects using classic plots such as Princess-style routines (minus the deck switch), Psychometry, Liar/Truthteller games, Memory tests, READINGS (I loved this, it's extremely powerful and Max goes the extra mile sharing his own reading system with cards AND with Tarot cards)...

Max actually starts the chapter with "Sneak Rogue", a sneak-thief routine using this very system. Beautiful. Clean. Impossible. Oh... and easy. And these are the possibilities with classic plots. You can create your own ideas and find other uses for it. The system is very intuitive. By that I mean that once you're shown or told a card you AUTOMATICALLY know whom it belongs to. And it can be applied to Tarot cards as well. It can be used on a deck, or on little packets if you wish to use fewer cards. It's very versatile.

These are the effects using the ARC, which is THE gem of this Volume One. But there is also a very nice routine, "Subliminal Lottery", which is Max's take on the mathematical principle popularized by Jack London, here using playing cards.

English is not his first language, not mine either, and yet everything was clear at first read. Max left no stone unturned.

My conclusion is that:

- If you are using cards in your performances I do feel you need to check this out. Definitely.

- If you don't use cards... Well... I do feel you need to check this out. Yes. I am repeating myself here but this might make you start considering trying them." - Phedon Bilek


US $35 (40 pages with illustrations) - After the purchase, send me an e-mail with your name to 

I'll confirm the name and send you the PDF as a reply to your e-mail as soon as possible.